“THE QURAN ACADEMY” presents “NOOR AL BAYAN” – Qur’an Recitation Course for Beginners

Instructor : Mahmoud Rezk
Age Group : 08 – 16 year old Boys only
Timings : 07:00 am – 12:00 noon
Class days : Saturday to Thursday
Starting Date : 30th June 2018
End Date : 26th July 2018
Place : Kalemah Center & Majid near Kalemah, Qusais 3 – Dubai
Fees : AED 950/- (inclusive of course materials and refreshments)
Transport Fees : AED 350/-
About The Course
So, you want to read the Quran, but you cannot read Arabic Alphabets yet? Then this is the perfect course for you. Its never too late to start learning to read the Quran!
This course will help students in pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet then slowly move to joining letters to make words. They will learn about basic rules of recitation with proper pronunciation of the Arabic letters and ways to apply them while reciting the Quran. By the end of this course the student will, Insha’Allah, be able to look directly into the Quran and read. The main medium of explanation will be through the famous “Noor Al Bayan” book.


About The Instructor

Ustadh Mahmoud Rezk, Egyptian national holds a Diploma from College of Sharia’ and law in Al-Azhar University. He laso has a Pre-master in Comparative jurisprudence in Al-Azhar University. He studied and sought knowledge from a number of senior Al-Azhar scholars. He has worked as a Teacher of the Arabic language to non-native speakers for four years in Egypt and attended workshops related to the method of teaching ‘Noor Al-Bayan’. He currently serves as a full-time Qura’n teacher in the Qur’an Academy an initiative of Kalemah Center, Dubai.

Additional Activities

* Field trips



– If you wish to sponsor a deserving student for the summer camp please contact Kalemah at info@kalemah.org

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