Sheikh Ayaz Housee sessions restart at JILC

In-person classes at JILC New Centre Sheikh Ayaz House returns to host his weekly sessions. A series of new classes will be taking place at the JILC New Centre in Al Warqa 4 in Dubai.
Sheikh Ayaz Housee will be restarting his Journey to Islam class to introduce a number of topics related to Islam including beliefs, values, manners and rulings. The classes will take place Friday evenings in’sha’Allah from 7pm-8pm and will also be streamed via Zoom.

The first class will take place on Friday 28th October in’sha’Allah.
After the Journey to Islam class, Sheikh Ayaz Housee will be hosting his Quran with Tajweed class for brothers only. This class will take place from 8pm on Friday evenings in’sha’Allah. To find the centre, search for JILC New Centre on Google Maps.

ILM Summit: Islamic Conference




This online summit features a number of speakers and instructors who will be sharing their knowledge and wisdom on the topic of the importance of learning in Islam. Sheikh Ayaz Housee, Mufti Menk, Assim Al Hakeem and others are part of the program

20th 21st 22nd & 27th 28th & 29th

09:00 PM Onwards

Ilm Summit aims to revive the spirit of learning in the lives of people. It features some of the most apt speakers & instructors who will enlighten through their knowledge and wisdom and share the importance of learning in Islam. Ilm Summit is brought to you by Al Manar Islamic Centre – Dubai, UAE


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