Dar Al Ber Society provides humanitarian assistance to those in need and works to increase the Islamic identity of communities. Dar al Ber has made contributions to the society…read more

Dar-Al-ber logo

Dubai Charity Association operates a wide range of charitable projects locally and globally. The association provides relief to those suffering such as needy families, orphans, widows, poor students…read more

Dubai charity logo

Beit Al Khair Society offers humanitarian assistance to the neediest in the country. The charity runs numerous local projects such as supporting orphans, monthly food assistance…read more.

beit logo

Emirates Red Crescent has carried out many humanitarian development projects. Some of their projects include buildings mosques, digging wells, sponsoring orphans, building classrooms, health assistance… read more.

red crescent logo

Dubai Cares works to improve children’s access to primary education in developing countries. The organization has implemented primary education programs in 39 countries around the world. Examples of their… read more.

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Noor Dubai focuses on treating and preventing blindness through its programmes globally. In remote areas, Noor Dubai sets up eye camps to provide medical assistance…read more

Logo noor

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