Tip for Raising Children: Love and Positive Associations


As members of this Muslim Ummah, we must strive harder to play a central role in building a solid Muslim identity in our children.

Some tips for parents:

It is important for parents to spend quality time with their children and show their love to them. Time and love will develop a deeply rooted relationship of mutual trust. It will pave a pathway for open communication, strong foundation for their emotional well-being and a beautiful shelter in their own homes.

In this context, parents must develop their children’s experiences in such a way that they always have positive associations with Islam. Such positive memories will help instil the love of our beautiful Deen in their hearts.

Negative associations on the other hand, typically linked to parental strictness, constant threats of Allah’s punishment and impossibly high standards, will forever link the Deen to feelings of pessimism, dread and helplessness. This coupled with the constant barrage of peer pressure faced in schools is causing many of our youth to leave the Deen.

May Allah make our children those who have piety and taqwa. May Allah make our children strong leaders for this Muslim Ummah who abide by the Quran and Sunnah. Ameen.

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