NEW muslim summit

The only Islamic Conference dedicated to new muslims in the region!

When: 29/10/2015 to 30/10/2015
Where: Mamzar, Dubai, The Cultural & Scientific Association – click here for location map
About the Conference

New(Muslim)Summit, or N(M)S, is a  conference dedicated to New Muslims. We address the social, economic, psychological and spiritual challenges faced by New Muslims using a three-pronged approach:


We generate awareness within the Muslim community of the challenges faced by New Muslims.


We educate the Muslim community on how to address these challenges.


We facilitate continued engagement with New Muslims well after the event.

We know that you’ve faced or continue to face many challenges after accepting Islam. You have many questions but don’t know who to ask. You need help but don’t know where to get it. You feel as if you’re alone in your struggle.

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Who Should Attend? 

If you are a New Muslim, this event will be everything you ever wanted in an Islamic Conference. All but two of our speakers are New Muslims themselves. You’ll be spiritually uplifted and motivated. You’ll find answers to your most pressing questions. You’ll gain access to people and resources that will help you in your religious duties and daily life. You’ll interact with dozens, if not hundreds of other new Muslims, as well as the wider Muslim community.

If you are a born Muslim you will benefit from the educational material delivered by World-renowned students of the Islamic Tradition, strengthening the ties of brotherhood by networking with other Muslims and the re-energized faithful zeal that occurs whenever you attend Islamic events.

If you are a non-Muslim who’s curious about Islam or Muslims we’ve included exclusive Q&A events for you. You’ll get to meet and interact with Muslim converts. You’ll be able to ask whatever questions are on your mind, no-holds-barred. You’ll get to experience Islamic hospitality at its finest.


Sajid Umar, Muhammad Tim Humble, Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari, Muhammed Khedir Essa, Zilong Ma

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