JILC Asafeerul Jannah Program for Homeschooling children

JILC Asafeerul Jannah Program for Homeschooling children

5 – 8 Year Olds, March 2018

Enhance your child’s early years with a stimulating program at JILC. Emphasizing Islamic values in a pleasant environment, your child will enjoy the company of other children and will be guided through the admirable way of the prophet Muhammad (SAW)

The 2018 program includes:

Memorizing of Juzu A’mma starting from Surah Al Naba with a simple introduction of every Surah memorized.

Arabic through  Qaida Nooraniya to emphasise on the correct pronunciation (makharij al huroof) of each letter and its articulation points.

Cleanliness, Wudu, Salah and Manners 
Geography, Science, English & Maths
Food for thoughts:  Islam  strongly urges mankind to study and explore the universe. 
We (Allah) will show you (mankind) Our signs/patterns in the horizons/universe and in yourselves until you are convinced that the revelation is the truth.” 
[Qur’an, 14:53]
The Qur’an encourages people to travel throughout the earth to see Allah’s signs and patterns everywhere. Islam also requires each Muslim to have at least enough knowledge of geography to know the direction of the Qiblah (the position of the Ka’bah in Makkah) in order to pray five times a day.
The program is scheduled to start on 20th March 2018 and ends on 17th May 2018. days a week from 8:30 pm – 12:45 pm, 
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. In  sha Allah.
Cost: AED 2000/- (aed

NOTE: Parents are encouraged to come personally to JILC to register their kids before the date of commencement.  Centre opening hours for registrations are: Monday to Thursday from 8:30pm to 1:00pm.

For further information contact: Jumeirah Islamic Learning Centre (JILC).

Tel: +971 4 394 94 61, Mob: +971 55 583 2154: Email: infojilc@yahoo.com


“Stories from the Seerah” – Story Time for 5-8 year old kids with Shaikh Muhammad Tim Humble

Where? Kalemah Center, Al Qusais 3, Dubai (Click here for location)
When? Every Saturday, From Asar to Maghrib for 10 weeks starting from 24th February 2018.
Who can register? 5-8 year old girls and boys
How much do i need to pay? AED 500 for the entire 10 weeks (to be paid in advance)
How can I make the payment? Click here for fee payment options.
How many seats are available? 40 (Priority solely on first come first serve basis)
About The Program
Kalemah brings to you the new season of the story time experience for your young ones, where Shaikh Muhammad Tim Humble takes your child away from the world of myths and fairy tales to real stories of the men and women from the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). In this series, the kids will go through selected events from the lives of 10 of the companions in an interactive and child-centric ambiance.
What can you expect your kids to achieve at the end of the Program InshaAllah?
  • Ease in forgiveness and love for one another.
  • Ability to identify real role models.
  • Stronger family bonds between siblings and parents.
  • Closeness to Allah and his messenger
  • Developed personalities, characteristics and manners.
  • Establishment of our Aqeedah.
How can a parent or care-giver make the most of story time?
  • By coming to story time on a regular basis.
  • By arriving at Kalemah immediately after Asar Salah.
  • By not interrupting the class and waiting in the adjacent room where audio feed will be made available.
  • By not bringing food or toys to the story time.
  • By taking an upset child out of the program area until he or she calms down.
  • By talking with your child about the stories after story time.
  • By repeating the stories at home with your child.
About The Instructor
Shaikh Muhammad Tim Humble is a graduate from the Faculty of Hadeeth Studies at the Islamic University of Madinah. Notably he is certified in the six canonical books of hadeeth. He has joined Kalemah as a full time teacher for the English Section. He travels the world lecturing & delivering courses on Islamic Sciences.


Important Note
* Confirmation of seat requires online registration and payment on or before 5pm of 20th February 2018.
* Only 40 seats are available and registration confirmation is solely on first come first serve basis.
* Transportation is not available. Actual class duration is 60 minutes only.
* Click here to submit the proof of bank payment.