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JazakaAllahu khaira.

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    • NA says:

      Assalamualaikum Sister – apologies for the late reply. In order to assist you, can you please specify which class? At which centre? JazakaAllahu khaira.


  1. Mohammed says:

    Assalamou Alikoum Dear team,

    I’m looking for an intensive arabic or quran course during my stay in Dubai (3 weeks starting from 20/07/16) for both on my Kids (daughter 12j & son 14j). I would appreciate if you can provide me with best options you suggest for me and all course details which could be interesting for me.

    my kids are living in germany and can read arabic and quran.
    Thanks in advance


    • NA says:


      JazakAllahu khaira for your inquiry.
      Due to the short time window, options are limited. However there is a Islamic Summer Camp running from 18th July to 7th September by jumeira Islamic learning Centre. Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:00 am to 1:00pm. For more details please contact JILC on 043949461 or

      You can also


    • NA says:


      JazakAllahu khaira for your enquiry.

      Due to the short time frame, options are limited.

      You can check out Jumeirah Islamic learning centre, they are running a summer camp from 18th July to 7th September every Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday from 10-1 pm. For more details please contact JILC 0097143949461 or

      You can also visit the South African Islamic centre in Barsha, Al Manar centre in Al Quoz or Kalemah centre in Al Qusais. Location details can be found in our website.

      Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case of further queries.

      -IRD team


  2. Mohammed Adil says:

    I would like to know if there is any centre in dubai who provides full time Quraan Memorization Classes for girls and issue certificate so kid can attend the school again after finishing their Quraan memorization classes.

    Jazakallah Khair.


  3. Awais Ahmed says:

    I would like to know if there is any centre in dubai who provides part time Quraan Memorization Classes in evening.
    Jazakallah Khair.


  4. Anna DUbbah says:

    my friend want to convert into islam, where I can find the place in dubai. I know in Abu Dhabi, but not Dubai. Thank you in advance for your response, Jazakallah Khair.


    • NA says:

      Thats wonderful to hear! There are three centers that she can visit/call. Below are details:

      1) Islamic Information Center.
      Phone: +971 4 355 5223
      Address: 8 D St,Al Mankhool Rd,Al Hudaiba – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

      2) As Salam Islamic center
      Address: 122, Al Maydar Street,Umm Suqeim 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
      Phone: +971 4 272 3636

      3)Kalemah Center
      Tel: +971568500866

      It would be best to give them a call before going. If you have any other questions, or difficulty in reaching out to them, please let us know.


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