Jumeirah Islamic Learning Centre – New location

Announcement by JILC:

JILC finds a new home in Al Warqa 4 Dubai
A warm greeting to all JILC friends and family as we invite you to join us at our new location in Dubai to meet each other and discuss how we can work together to bond the community and leave a legacy behind us. Ever since we had to close the doors to our previous space in Al Wasl Road, we have missed the feeling of togetherness that comes from having a dedicated home of our own. After many months of searching and hard work from the JILC team we have found a new location for the JILC family to come together once again.

We will open the doors for a welcome evening after Maghrib prayers on Saturday 17th September in’sha’Allah and welcome everyone to join us to reconnect and share ideas for JILC’s future.

Speakers like Sheikh Ayaz Housee and Sheikh Taher Khaled will join us on the evening to share their thoughts and we would love for the wider JILC community to join us.

We plan to release a full programme of events starting in October in’sha’Allah, and we share some details during the welcome event.

Please share this invite with your friends and family and we look forward to seeing you at the new centre in Al Warqa 4 in’sha’Allah.

To find the centre, search for JILC New Centre on Google Maps.

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