Arabic Language Program

Assalamu alaikum warathmatullahi wabarakatuh

We’ve all felt that “awkwardness.”

Awkward is the only way to describe it.

You’re standing in the saff, behind the imam.

He’s reciting the Quran and people in the jama’ah are crying…

…full of khushu because they understand the meaning.

And you’re standing there, completely clueless…

…feeling like a bad Muslim.

You want to cry!

You want to feel that khushu!

But you can’t.

Because you don’t understand Arabic.

It’s sad, right?

Well, no more.

If you’re ready to turn that awkwardness into productive action…

…enroll in Kalemah’s Arabic Language program today.

Click here to apply.

Barakallahu feek,

Team Kalemah

Course start date: 14th July 2019

Schedule: 3 days per week

Levels: Beginners – Intermediary – Advanced

(Each level is divided into 3 sub levels)

Sub-level Duration: 40 hrs in 2 months

Timing (Brothers): 6pm – 8pm / 8 pm – 10pm

Timing (Sisters): 9am – 11am / 11am – 1pm

Fees: Aed 600 / sub-level (inclusive of course content fee)

Min Age: 15+ years

Venue: Kalemah Centre, Al Qusais 3

Transportation: Currently unavailable

Registration Process:

  • Placement test is a pre-requisite for successful admission

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