Islamic Information Centre

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The Islamic Information Center is one of the foremost and prominent Dawah centers in the UAE. The center’s core objective is to deliver the message of Islam and to clear the misconceptions that have been attributed to this great religion using wisdom and experience methods. The center also facilitates and aids new Muslims on their newly chosen path by teaching them the principles of their Religion. Since it’s establishment in 1993, the center has facilitated the reversion of over 20,000 Muslims by the grace of Allah.

Their Programs include: Qualifying Preachers Program, New Muslim Course, Pre-Marriage Course, New Muslim Regular Program, Teaching Arabic Language for non Arabs.


Islamic Information Center

P O Box 25020,
Dubai, Al Hudaiba (Behind Dhiyafa Fire Station & Carrefour),
United Arab Emirates

Website :

Phone :

+ 971- 43555223,

Fax :

+ 971- 43555226,

Email :

2 thoughts on “Islamic Information Centre

  1. Florenda Maglinte says:

    Assalamu alaikom warah matullahi wa barakatuh.
    My name is florenda Maglinte. I was converted Islam since 2013 , Alhamdulillah. And I currently working as a nanny/maid here in Palm Jumirah Shoreline. I write my comment here because I want to study nor I want to know how to read the quran with a correct reading .
    Honestly I don’t know where I go or I know where is the Islamic center here near in palm Jumirah Shoreline. Can anyone can tell me pls.

    Jazakalahu khairan.


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