2 thoughts on “New Muslims Class for ladies at JILC

  1. Rahmani says:

    Dear brother
    Assalamu alaikom wa Rahmatullah.
    I just received an email from one of colleague who is a lady and lives in Dubai, she recently convert to Islam . Now she want to know about Islam, Fiqh, prayers and other required principle of Islam and she was asking me for any Islamic center available in Dubai.

    I found Ur institute in google now could you please tell me does ur center provide training and teaching classes (online and in person) for newly converted Lady Muslima? Please provide me full detail of ur program to let her know as soon as possible. Kindly tell me about the fee and address of ur center.
    Looking forward to hear u soon.

    Best Mr.Rahmani


    • NA says:


      We are not an institute, rather an information website for Dubai residents seeking Islamic resources.

      Islamic Online University has a full course (step by step) for new muslims – they have online videos and completely free of charge. It is a wonderful resource.

      Please visit following link for details:

      You can also try contacting the following centres for resources/programmes for new muslims:

      Kalemah Islamic Centre – Telephone:+971 4 2644115

      Al Manar Centre -Tel: 04 339 4464

      JILC (jumeirah islamic learning centre)- Tel: 04 394 9461

      Hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to contact for further information.

      JazakAllahu khaira

      – IRD


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