Dar Al Ber – Quran memorization project

Dar Al Ber has launched a Quran memorization project.  The programme aims to help students memorize, recite and understand the Quran while producing competent teachers.  The programme is available for men,women and children.

dar al ber quran dar al ber

Tel:04 318 5000
Email: daralber@daralber.ae

Dar Al Ber Society
Sheikh Zayed Road
Al Manara, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

5 thoughts on “Dar Al Ber – Quran memorization project

  1. Abdul Hadi says:

    As Salaamu alai kum I want to enroll my child in Quran Memorization Course. Iam an Indian,Can I enroll my child here?
    if yes how and when should I approach the institution,


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