Dar Al Ber Society

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Dar Al Ber Society provides humanitarian assistance to those in need and works to increase the Islamic identity of communities. Dar al Ber has made contributions to the society through a multiple range of programmes. Some of their programmes include: funds to support the educational sector, medical programs, provision of aid in the Gaza strip, construction of masjids, construction of wells, support for orphans.

Dar Al Ber accepts donations. The charity has stands set up in various commercial places throughout Dubai where you can donate in their programmes. Furthermore, you can donate old clothes in their old clothes donation boxes or visit their office to make your generous donations.

Dar Al Ber Society
Sheikh Zayed Road
Al Manara, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Tel: 04 318 5000                                                                                    daralber@daralber.ae

Tel:  04 318 5000
Email: daralber@daralber.ae


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