September 4 @ 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Sept 04 Dubai marina

When is it? Friday 4th September 2015, 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Where is it? Yacht departs from Dubai Marina Yacht Club (A detailed parking and location map will be sent to attendees before the event)
How much will it cost to attend? AED 250 per person (inclusive of International Buffet)
How can I make the payment? Click here

About The Talk

Join Shaikh Sajid Umar on a yacht out in the open sea as he shares the incredible 1000 year long journey of Prophet Nuh Alahisalam in calling his people to the clear way of Islam. His story is the story of a man who loved his people, a story of patience and tribulation, a story of conviction and sacrifice, and a story of reward and punishment all for the sake of establishing Tawheed.
Why This Talk
The story of Nuh Alahisalam is a deep and powerful story that has immense relevance to the time that we are living in. His story would help us understand this world and its workings in a way that we have never thought of before. By the end of the talk you will walk away understanding the importance of Dua (supplication) as well as the reality of Istighfaar (seeking forgiveness).
About The Speaker
Shaikh Sajid Umar was born in Leicester, UK. He attended primary, secondary school and college in Harare (Zimbabwe), where he studied IT and obtained a first class degree. Having memorised the Quran at the age of 18 and successfully opening an IT bussiness, he turned his attention towards Islamic studies. He travelled to Riyadh where he enrolled at ImaamMuhammedIbn Saud Islamic University completing a University Diploma in Arabic language and Islamic Sciences. He continued his studies at al-Imam University, graduating with a Bachelors degree in Sharīah, and a masters degree in Judiciary (Qadha) from the Higher Institute for Judiciary Studies (Ma’had al-‘āli li’l-Qaḍā) at al-Imam University.

He is an Imam and Khatib of the largest Masjid in Zimbabwe. He is also a Lecturer at Knowledge International University and a member of their Academic Management Team. His hobbies include building computers to customer specs, book collecting and reading.He has a brown belt in karate, is a keen golfer, swimmer, footballer and cricketer, and has completed several articles and dissertations on the Islamic Sciences.

* Registrations & payments must be done on or before 30 August 2015
* For payments made by e-transfer & cash deposit machine, please click here to enter proof of bank transfer
* Confirmation of seat requires online registration followed by payment of registration fee (min age 10 years).
* Kids below 10 years will not be allowed on the yacht
* Separate seating for brothers & sisters
* As we have limited seats, registration is completely on a first come first serve basis

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