Quran Intensive Summer Camp 2019

Assalamu Alaikum WaRahmatullahi WaBarakathuhu,

Do you want your son or daughter to use their time WISELY this Summer?

Would you like them to spend their days memorizing the Book of Allah and learning good manners?

Would you be happy if they were in the company of Students of Knowledge and other good Muslims?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions…

then you really must enroll your son or daughter in Kalemah Islamic Center’s…


This one-month Summer camp will certainly help your little one:

✔ Improve their tajwid

✔ Memorize several new surahs

✔ Develop their akhlaq and Aadaab

✔ Have fun in an Islamic environment

✔ And much, much more!

The Kalemah Summer Camp – Quran Intensive Course is perfect for your child if:

✔ They are a beginner who needs to learn the basics of reciting Quran

✔ They are able to read Arabic but need to improve their tajwid

✔ They have never memorized any Quran and want to start with Juz ‘Amma

✔ They have memorized several juz and want to focus intensely during the    Summer

✔ And every level in between

Whatever your son or daughter’s relationship with the Quran…

we can help them improve it…

and become closer to Allah as a result, bi’ithnillah!

So, if you want your child to get the maximum benefit and ‘ajr from Summer 2019…

DO NOT HESITATE to enroll your child today.

Click on the link below to apply now

Date : 1st July – 1st August 2019

Age Group : 717 years

Timing for Boys : 7am – 11:30am

Timing for Girls : 8:30am – 1:00pm

Class Days : Saturday – Thursday

Venue for Boys : Masjid Shabiya Al Qusais (Click here for location)

Venue for Girls : Kalemah Center (Click here for location)

Seats : Limited Seats

Fees : AED 900/- per student

Transportation Fees : AED 250/- per student

Duration: 1 month

Interview: Date and timings for the mandatory interview will be sent via email or SMS to registered students