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When: 1st & 3rd Friday of every month
What Time: : After Isha Salah
Where: Masjid Salim Saeed Bu Adeel, Muhaisnah 3 – Dubai.
How much do I pay: FREE

Upcoming Session : 6th January 2017

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 About the Lectures
Join Muhammad Tim Humble every 1st & 3rd Friday evening for a course covering the beautiful and perfect names of Allāh; their meanings, and how to implement them in our lives.
Each week will cover a number of the names of Allāh, including information about:
  • A summary of the meaning of the name.
  • Things we learn from the name, including attributes and actions.
  • A suitable translation of the name in English.
  • The source of proof that the name is one of Allah’s beautiful and perfect names.
  • How to implement the knowledge of this name in our lives, including how to supplicate with it in our prayers.
  • Miscellaneous topics of interest relating to the names of Allāh.
About the Lecturer
Ustadh Muhammad Tim Humble is a graduate from the Faculty of Hadeeth Studies at the Islamic University of Madinah. Notably he is certified in the six canonical books of hadeeth. He has recently joined Kalemah as a full time teacher for the English Section. He travels the world lecturing & delivering courses on Islamic Sciences.Important Notes 
  • Note that we do not advise that younger children attend the talk, according to parental discretion.
  • Separate seating available for Sisters.

Fully Engaged By Sheikh Moutasem Al Hameedi

Date:  Friday, 15th April 2016.
Which Language: English.
What Time: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM.
Where?  Princess Haya Centre – Al Mizhar, Dubai [Location Map]
How much do I need to pay?AED 150/- per head, inclusive of lunch and refreshments.
Register through Kalemah (Registration now closed)
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About The Seminar
Ever find your mind wandering during your daily prayers? Have you ever found yourself finishing your prayer and not even remembering what Surah’s you recited? Do you feel like your Salah has been left to just empty movements of the body? This is something most all of us struggle with on a daily basis. Do you know how to really taste the sweetness of your daily prayers? Join Shaikh Moutasem Al Hameedi as he talks about the secrets to a rich experience in Salah. Take this journey and change the way you communicate with Allah!

Why This Seminar
Throughout the course you will learn about the mind-blowing treasures Allah offers you when you pray with Khushu’ and make us realize how much we have been missing out when we pray in the, unfortunately widespread, robotic, mechanical, mindless, and heartless style of prayer. At the end of the seminar you will walk out InshaAllah with the below mentioned outcomes:
* Clear understanding of the dynamics of Khushu and sweetness in Salah.
* Enhanced skills and practices that enrich your experience of Khushu and connection to Allah.
* An opportunity to experience the sweetness of Salah at a higher level and at will.

About The Speaker
Shaikh Moutasem Al-Hameedi has studied under the prominent students of Sheikh al-Albaani, including Sheikh Mashhoor Hasan (Hadeeth and Usool al-Fiqh), Sheikh Hussain al-Awaaysha (Fiqh and Manners), Shekih Abu Suhaib (Imaam at Wise Islamic Centre in the UK), Sheikh Ayman as-Saadiq (Arabic grammar and morphology) and Dr. Malik Sha’ban (Aqeedah, Tafseer). His works in Da’wa include being an Imaam and lecturer at Ibn Taymiyyah Mosque (London, UK),being an Imaam and lecturer at Call to Islam Islamic Center (Luton, UK), lecturing at British universities and schools on Islam and hosting TV shows and lecture series on Huda TV

*  Confirmation of seat requires online registration on or before 11am on 14th April 2016.
*  Due to limited seats registration is strictly based on first come first serve basis.
*  Kids area is not available.
*  Separate seating arrangements available for sisters.
*  No entry for kids below the age of 10.