Quran class for Young Ladies

For ages: 7 – 15 year old Girls

Class days: Batch 1 – Advanced

Batch 2 – Beginners

Class timings: 4pm to 6pm

Fees: AED 250/month

Venue: Kalemah Center [map]

Transportation: available is selected locations only

For whom the Angels lower their wings; A beautiful opportunity for young girls to study and memorize the noble Quran under proficient Quran instructors… (read more)


Quran class for girls

For ages: 8 to 16 year old Girls

  Class days: Sunday to Thursday

  Class Timing: 9:30 am to 1:30 am

Fees: AED 450/month

  Venue: Kalmah Center [map]

  Transportation: Available

“Rayahine Al Jannah” is a structured long term program for girls with the primary focus on the correct recitation & memorization of the Quran along with formal instruction… (read more)



Quran Class for Brothers

For ages: 7 to 17 year old Boys

Class days: Fridays and Saturdays only

Class Timing: 7:30 am to 10:30 am

Fees: AED 250/month

Venue: Masjid Shabiya Al Qusais [map]

A weekend course which will fulfill the expectations of those who know to recite the Quran and memorize  the surahs to the best of their abilities. The students  will memorize the Quran with qualified instructors… (read more)


Quran Class for Boys

For ages: 7 – 17 year old boys

Class days: Sunday to Thursday

Class timings: 7:30am to 11:30am

Fees: AED 450/month

Venue: Masjid Shabiya Al Qusais [map]

“Guardians of Faith” is a Full time Quran Memorization class for boys. The class is structured around memorization and correct recitation of the Quran, while also focusing on their academic, behavioral and physical tarbiya (upbringing.).. (read more)


New Muslim Classes

Join JILC as we open our doors to welcome new Muslims with our friendly learning programme to increase knowledge and understanding of our beautiful religion with Sheikh Ayaz Housee.

Taking place every Monday evening after Maghrib prayer in’sha’Allah, the casual class will help attendees to walk the talk on their spiritual journey.

** Everyone is welcome **

JILC will also open its doors every Monday in’sha’Allah from 9:30AM to 8:00PM for those who wish to know more about Islam. 

Please share this message with friends and family who may be interested.

Jazakallah khair

Kids Classes – JILC

Enhance your child’s early years with a stimulating learning programme at JILC. Emphasising islamic values in a pleasant and comfortable environment, your child will enjoy the company of other children and will be guided through the admirable way of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. 

The 2019/2020 programme begins this week in’sha’Allah and we welcome new joiners to the programme at any time.

Courses such as Asafeerul Jannah are a valuable part of what we do at JILC therefore please share the course information with friends and family who may be interested so we can ensure robust class numbers.

To confirm your child’s place, please email the centre via infojilc@yahoo.com or call JILC on 055 583 2154.





10:30AM – 1:00PM

14th September to 14th December 2019

Topics for this term will include the following:

Quran recitation – applying tajweed rules
Dua’a & Adkhar –  focusing on dua’a for protection
Encouraging reading & reflecting – each week will feature an interactive session on building morals and character through reading the book “A Mercy to the Universe” and will involve quizzes & discussions and a project to be worked on by each student
Conversational Arabic – in this session, 6 scenarios will be introduced

A monthly workshop on developing positive personal skills will be undertaken by hands on, experienced instructors

This programme will be headed by Imam Abdul Basit Al Arkani



12:45PM – 2:15PM

9th September to 11th December 2019

Learn stories and lessons from chapters of the Quran
Memorisation of last 2 verses of Surah Al-Baqara (2:285-286) 
and Ayat-ul Kursi (2:55)

Instructor: Ms. Fatima Nahdee
An experienced qualified teacher by profession who has taught Islamic studies and Arabic at Jumeirah Islamic Learning Centre, South African Islamic Centre and Delhi Private School.

Learn Arabic Language

“…  Are those who know equal to those who do not know? …” (Qur’an  39:9) 

Studying, learning and speaking the Arabic language has been made easy with Kalemah’s ‘Arabic language program for all’.

The program is uniquely designed to help you develop your skills in reading, writing, listening, conversation, grammar & vocabulary.

Click here to find out more.

Course Details
Start date: 21st sept 2019
Schedule: 3 days per week
Levels: Beginner | Intermediary | Advanced (each course has 3 sub-levels)
Sub-level Duration: 40 hrs in 2 months
Fees: Aed 600 / sub-level (Inclusive of course material)
Seats: 15 seats per batch (Priority on first come first serve basis)
Timings ( This batch is only for Sisters )– 9am – 11am / 11am – 1pm / 4pm – 6pm / 7pm – 9pm
Venue: Kalemah Centre, Al Qusais 3.

Click here to enrol now.

Start your journey to understanding the language of the Noble Quran.